The Company

Biocom Technologies is a small business company developing software and hardware technologies and products for commercial and consumer health and fitness applications.

The company is registered in the State of Washington, USA and located in the beautiful small town of Poulsbo.


The Technologies

All our technologies are based on the methods of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis and are customized to complement the growing corporate, business and consumer based wellness marketplace. We design advanced health assessment technologies, simplify and embed the sophisticated professionally validated algorithms and create a consumer friendly health conscious interactive experience.

The Team

Biocom Technologies draws from a world-class development team with backgrounds, qualifications, and work experience including:

  • Medical Scientists
  • Business/health marketing and advertising promotion experts
  • Biomedical hardware/software engineering team

Biocom Technologies founders and key team members have been creating and producing successful HRV research and educational products since 1996. With our experience in the medical and research fields, we have the ability to design innovative and functional user-friendly health assessment and improvement applications.