What is Aging Body-Scan?

The Aging Body-Scan measures one’s aging speed with a simple one-minute test.

During this test the heart rate is recorded with a special pulse sensor, while the person simply takes six deep even guided breaths.

The recorded heart rate is assessed using a scientifically validated method to evaluate cardio-respiratory coupling (ability of the heart to change its rate under the influence of breathing) which is dependent on aging.

The results of the aging speed assessments can be used for a quick health evaluation. Specifically designed to motivate clients to choose a healthier lifestyle. The Aging Body-Scan is intended to promote health products and services with the ability to track long-term trends reinforcing health improvement interventions.

The Aging Body-Scan key feature is to generate new customer leads. Quickly make contact and screen large groups of people at work, health fairs or other public places.

Built-in tools generate follow-up emails  to promote health products and programs to a new client base.


What do I get when ordering Aging Body-Scan?

The Aging Body-Scan includes the following parts:

  Pulse wave recorder with an ear-clip sensor A simple non-obtrusive device that measures heart rate variations during the test.
  Aging Body-Scan software A CD with intuitive software easily installed on your PC, which provides product functionality.
  AccurAge server storage Free unlimited remote data storage in addition to the storage residing on your PC to maintain your customer base.


Once you order an Aging Body-Scan, you will receive an email with a special Purchase Code and instructions on how to install the Aging Body-Scan software. Once installed simply create your account.

You will receive your pulse wave recorder device in the mail through your selected method of shipping. Once you receive the device, you are ready to conduct Aging Body-Scan tests customized to your advertising standards.


Typical Scenarios of Using the Aging Body-Scan

Scenario One:

You are a distributor of health improvement products (e.g. healthy aging supplements, vitamins, devices, etc.). You regularly make contacts with large groups of people at health fairs, shows, corporate events, etc. to promote your products and secure the attention of your potential customers. You collect contact information, give your product brochures and later make follow-up calls or send emails to the new contacts to offer them your product options.

For all prospective contacts, it is very important to demonstrate that they need to have a reason to consider your products. The best reason is how well they are doing health wise. You can quickly check if they have any general health issues by checking for accelerated aging. Typically advanced aging is associated with various health issues even if they don’t have any current symptoms or problems.

With Aging Body-Scan, a scientifically validated, objective measure people can trust, you have the option to give free aging speed tests to large groups of people. Spend just a few minutes with each individual to check if they have any issues with accelerated aging. Then you can explain how you can help them to slow down the aging process and provide them with valuable health improvement options using your products.

After finishing a large screening event, contact information is stored in your database. You have the option to use a standard follow-up email or quickly customize a special follow-up letter to make contacts with prospective customers and provide them with reports and recommendations promoting your product or program. AccurAge automatically generates personalized emails to any or all selected contacts. Your client database is continually intact for your next promotion.

Scenario Two:

You are a professional offering health / wellness care services (e.g. naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, fitness or stress management counselor, etc.). Periodically screen your clients when they visit your office to get help with their health concerns or take proactive measures for health improvement (weight loss, healthy aging treatment, etc.).

Use the Aging Body-Scan to periodically test your client’s and track trends and progress over the course of time. This information will provide the objective quantitative information about health changes occurring as a result of your health promoting interventions.