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Reasons to Buy

  • Conduct accelerated aging screening of large groups
  • Motivate customers to make changes for wellness with your  healthy aging products
  • Track your customers’ aging trends
  • Generate leads to potential customers
  • Increase your income by growing your customer base

Key Benefits

  • Measures scientifically valid marker of aging
  • Provides a turn-key tool for health screening and generating customer leads
  • Provides an instant wake-up call for someone to take action
  • Improves wellness traction and motivation
  • Tracks clients' aging shifts over time
  • Helps marketing your healthy aging products through generated follow-up emails

Who May Use It

  • Healthy aging product distributors
  • Vitamin and other wellness product companies
  • Corporate wellness program providers
  • Fitness counselors
  • Yoga trainers
  • Naturopaths and other health professionals
  • Chiropractors